A dynamic, constantly expanding reality, EnergieKer is a historic leader in the Italian ceramic tile sector. Born in 1986 in Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena), surrounded by the Apennine mountains and close to the core of the Italian ceramic activity, Energieker is now run by the third generation of ceramic entrepeneurs and boasts a production of over 11 million sqm sold all over the world per year.


Quality, innovation and sustainability are the core values of Energieker’s investment policy. In the last few years, the company formally completed the in-house production process, granting a careful monitoring among the production chain and securing the utmost quality standards. A state-of-the-art atomizer, one of the biggest ones in Europe, and a brand new grinding and dough preparation plant allow 5 production lines to run 24/7, including also the rectifying and  polishing procedures. In 2018 Energieker launched a new production line embodying contemporary technological innovation, which allowed traditional tile manufacturing processes to be replaced by a compaction system, Continua Plus by Sacmi, designed for the production of tiles up to 1600×3200 mm size and either 6, 12 or 20 mm. In 2022 Energieker strengthened the partnership with Sacmi by replacing an outdated production plant with a new, totally digitalized implant with a 187 meter kiln which automatically regulates gas consumption among the various heating sections in order to rationalize and minimize emissions. To this day, the production line is able to save almost 70% of energy compared to traditional manufacturing processes.


Sustainability and environmental protection represent the premises to every strategic decision in Energieker. In order to drastically cut its environmental impact, our production plant presents a consistent photovoltaic park and a cogeneration system by which energy is automatically produced through a turbine connected to an alternator. The thermic energy emitted by the discharged gases of the turbine within the atomizer is then used to make water evaporate, thus almost eliminating the methane gas consumption. All production plants are equipped for the recycling of the raw waste, the reuse of wastewater coming out of the manufacturing process, a severe C02 emission control and a thorough choice of ecologically certified raw materials.  


EnergieKer nowadays enjoys a significant commercial penetration. Its solid presence both in the internal and external market allows the company to play a crucial role in the tile sector especially in the biggest European markets and in Norther America. EnergieKer’s offer is based on four product types: EKXTREME represents the big size range made of 1600×3200 and 1200×2700 slabs in 6 mm thickness. EXTREME TOP SOLUTION embodies the peak of the evolution of the ceramic tile product. The slab becomes part of the furnishing and interior design world. The big size 1630×3240 in either 6 or 12 mm thickness becomes the protagonist of the design process for counter-tops, washbasins, tables and tops and therefore giving a new, modern identity to the ceramic product. EK COLLECTIONS includes more than 70 collection divided by cement, metal, marble, wood and stone looks, as well as technical items specifically designed for project use. Sizes vary from the smallest 20×20 up to 60×120 and 120×120. TH2 Outdoor Solution includes all items specifically designed for the outdoor space. Thanks to the technology allowing the production of robust and resilient 2 cm thickness item, the outdoor range is composed of 7 sizes, from the recently added 120×120 to 60×60, and is designed to match indoor surfaces.

La ceramica oltre gli schemi comuni.

Ceramics out of ordinary.