Commitment to the environment

The harmony between man and the environment

Attention to eco-sustainability is certainly a priority for EnergieKer, which produces very high quality products with very low environmental impact. Starting from the times of turning the machines on and off, to the temperatures reached and reduction of raw material waste; in every product line, everything considers the best green economy standards.

New energies everyday

The effectiveness of the latest generation of solar power panels was integrated by the recent implementation of a cogeneration system for the combined production of electricity, to guarantee the maximum of self-sustainability.

A strong bond between nature and inspiration

Our surfaces faithfully reproduce the beauty of natural elements while minimising the environamental footprint. Every product is constituted by a high level of graphics and various sizes which convey a great naturaless to every location.

State-of-the-art technologies for the environmental protection

The scarcity of raw materials is already a fact in many countries, causing mining bans and making the natural products difficult to acquire: To cope with this supply difficulty, we designed the most refined surface reproductions and the wide range of essences, colours and sizes offered by Energieker represent an extensive tool for projecting and designing.

Values and craftmanship in our surfaces

Every step we take towards environmental preservation gives value to our job. Sophisticated and conscious production processes make the Energieker collectionunique for its realism and for its attention to details. Our products enhance the beauty of the natural material and represent a conscious choice which respects the environment by any standard.

La ceramica oltre gli schemi comuni.

Ceramics out of ordinary.