EnergieKer was founded in 1989 by a historic family company that decides to promote and give identity to all its products through the establishment of a brand that is now internationally recognized in the ceramic industry market.
So in Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena), in a location immersed in the Apennines and close to the beating heart of Made in Italy ceramic, EnergieKer develops products that are increasingly innovative and in step with market trends. To date, the company boasts a production of 11 million square meters divided into floors and walls for interiors, large slabs and floors in thickness 9 mm and 2 cm dedicated to outdoor environments.
Thanks to a long process of study, research and technological investments, today EnergieKer is positioned as a high-end brand in the ceramic industry. In fact, for over 30 years, the whole company is constantly working to improve and improve itself. This dynamic and farsighted spirit can be found in the many investments made especially in recent years.
Recently the company has decided to equip itself with a new production line completely dedicated to large formats, aimed at producing a wider range of plates, the latest trend in modern architecture. Furthermore, in order to achieve a complete production cycle and a constant quality control, EnergieKer invested in a cogeneration system for the combined and simultaneous production of electricity and a latest generation atomizer, together with the construction of a new grinding and preparation of doughs.



Our daily work is based on some essential principles for us: Innovation, Quality and Growth.
At the base of all this there is an immense attention to the needs and needs of our consumer. Our mission is to satisfy our customers and their expectations, through the offer of a product totally Made in Italy and qualitatively performing and innovative. For this reason we work on a constant updating and expansion of the range in large formats and in indoor and outdoor solutions. All this would not be possible without a business development and growth perspective, which EnergieKer has made its own for decades.



Our proposals are divided into three large worlds in which each of our customers can travel:


The result of our great way of thinking: a line exclusively dedicated to large slabs in thickness 6-9-12 mm and with the following formats: 320×160, 120×270, 120×120, 80×180. Many new large formats and above all a wide choice of slabs between marble, cements and stones studied meticulously in every detail and in step with the trends of the moment. Through this line of products you can customize spaces and environments giving them harmony, continuity and fluidity.


A project of extreme evolution, that brings the slab of stoneware into a new creative dimension. The large format of 324×163 cm – from which the eventual submultiples derives – is the beginning of innovative interior design solutions. Counter tops, wash basins, tables, baths, furniture doors: these are the new uses available for custom fit, where the stoneware welcomes cutting-edge technology and aesthetic realism. Exhibiting the stone naturalism in different colour designs, the porcellain ceramic is available in different finishes, natural and silk, and 2 different thicknesses, 6 and 12 mm, to guarantee the maximum versatility and the best aesthetic performance.


Over 60 collections in porcelain stoneware between cements, marble, stone, wood, terracotta and technical products suitable for design use. Many and realistic effects and as many formats from 90×90 up to 15×30, all coordinated with our 20×50 or 20×60 double-fired wall tiles, equipped with varied types of structure. We speak of numerous color variations that can be combined with decorations and mosaics capable of creating an exclusive and enveloping atmosphere, thus giving the rooms a unique and original value.


Our totally rectified line dedicated to outdoor spaces: a technology that allows to obtain a safe and resistant product thanks to a thickness of 2 cm, which guarantees extreme safety. TH2.0 products are characterized by the versatility of installation: raised, gravel, grass, sand or screed; for this reason, the use destinations are many.
Our proposal includes 7 different formats: 120×120, 40×120, 90×90, 60×120, 60×60, 45×90, 30×120. 41 colors and 16 collections of stones, cements and woods, all perfectly coordinated with specific interior surfaces; this is because our goal is to provide the possibility to customize spaces in an original way, but keeping a coherent stylistic mood overall.

The excellence
in Italian Ceramics