Innovation for Environmental Sustainability

A 40-year history



The company Gold Art Ceramica S.p.A. was founded and the first single-layer roller kiln was set up, producing single-fired red-paste tiles at Pavullo in Frignano, in the Campanella district.

The production center moves to Sant'Antonio di Pavullo

In order not to affect the emerging urban center, it is decided to decentralize the production center in Sant’Antonio di Pavullo.

Ignition of the first production line

Production at La Campanella was interrupted, and at the same time the first single-layer SITI kiln was turned on, producing single-firing red-paste tiles.

Ignition of the second production line

To meet the growing market demand, the second SITI single-layer kiln is switched on.

Ignition of the third production line

Following an extension of the storage halls in the only existing plant at the time, now referred to as GA1 (Gold Art 1) the third SITI single-layer kiln is switched on.

Ignition of the fourth production line and establishment of the ga2 plant

The fourth SITI single-layer kiln is switched on and the extension of the warehouse area is planned, thus leading the path to the creation of the second production site, now referred to as GA2.

Launch of the energieker brand and ingition of the fifth production line

The brand ENERGIEKER, now established worldwide, is launched in the market. The fifth production line, fully dedicated to porcelain tiles, is installed.

Conversion of kiln 3 and 4 for the production of porcelain stoneware

Due to the surging demand of porcelain stoneware, kiln 3 and 4 are converted to the production of porcelain stoneware and dedicated to sizes as 30×60 and 60×60.

Sacmi innovation and big sizes for kiln 1 and 2

Kiln 1 and 2 are replaced with the latest generation of systems by Sacmi. These make it possible to achieve greater energy efficiency for environmental protection. Bigger sizes as 60×120, 80×80 and 90×90 are therefore introduced in the market.

Construction of the atomizer and further extension of the warehouse

The atomizer allows the company to become autonomous in the production of dough. The cogeneration system also increases energy efficiency.

Installment of the sixth production line – full production cycle

The new sixth production line is installed, bringing about the new CONTINUA+ technology, new rectification and polishing lines, as well as the possibility of producing slabs up to 163×324 size with 6 and 12 mm thickness.

The fourth kiln is converted to the continua+ System

The fourth kiln is reconverted to the Continua+ technology, with rectification and polishing lines – a new step towards production and energy efficiency.

By 2024 Gold Art Ceramica S.p.A will have completed the construction of the new showroom and headquarter building, taking up 2500 sqm and complying to all energy-saving legislations.

The company produced 12,5 millions of squared meters per year.
The entire production facility is based in Pavullo nel Frignano, the logistic hub is based in Maranello.

Sustanability of the present, solutions for the future

Renewable energy

2940 Kwp produced

Green technologies

Low-impact advanced production plants

Full cycle production

Process control

Circular economy

Efficient resource management

Plastic free Packaging

Reduction in the consumption of plastic

CO2-emissions reduction

Building Futures, Because WeKer.

Company mission


Every step taken to preserve the environment adds value to our work

Our work is based on a careful audit of:
Environmental management
Energy consumption control
Waste management control
Production process control
Non-conformities management
Quality control of the material
Commercial organisation
Supply chain control
Sustainable innovation


Embracing innovation leads to true change

Each EnergieKer product is the result of a constant commitment to anticipate the needs of the market and exceed the expectations of the final customer.
The continuous research of advanced materials and sustainable production processes have always been the basis of each company’s strategic choice.
Investments in technologically advanced machinery are always supported by sustainable investments.
The cogeneration plant that reduces the need for natural gas, the remarkable photovoltaic park consisting of 10,713panels between Maranello and Pavullo for a total of 4653,13 kwp and the artificial lake for the collection and recovery of rainwater are just some of the examples to support a company ethic sensitive to its territory and its protection.


Quality is a universal language of commitment and dedication.

The choice to internalize the production cycle allowed to have a total control on the quality in every phase.
Each step is carefully coordinated to ensure that the highest standards are maintained from the conception of the product to the exit from the factory. This consistency results in reliable products for the end customer.
In addition, the complete production cycle optimizes resources, reducing waste and improving overall efficiency. The synergy between the phases creates a fluid and positive working environment, in which communication flows smoothly and innovation is encouraged.

Following a careful choice of excellent raw materials, the production cycle allows to achieve efficient production, high quality products and a positive impact on customers, employees, environment and territory.

Product range

The product range of Energieker is characterized by its variety and application versatility.

Ekxtreme Top Solution

163x324 t. 12

Ceramic at the service of furniture and worktops.
Thanks to its versatility and convenience, 12 mm porcelain stoneware represents the perfect solution for creating kitchen tops. Available in matt and polished finish, our range is composed of 26 items, serving the realization of spaces with a clean aesthetic, essential lines and extremely practical.

Ekxtreme Slabs

160x320, 120x280 t. 6

The EKXTREME line is a wide range of items which can suit any wall or floor design project, either private or commercial. Including marble, concrete and resin looks, our 6 mm items can be also used for creating furniture accessories matching with their surrounding surfaces.

Ek Collections

Traditional sizes – t. 9

EK Collections include over 80 collections spread among concrete, resin, stone, marble, wood and cotto look. Available sizes are: 30×60, 60×60, 80×80, 120×120, 60×120, 20×120, 30×120, 80×160, 20×160, 30×160.

Th2.Outdoor Solution

TH2.Outdoor – t. 2 cm

Porcelain stoneware technology is at the service of a product of exceptional strength in 2 cm thickness, which guarantees safety and ease of walking in any outdoor application.
Thirty collections with a different soul come in a wide colour palette and in six different formats: 120×120, 60×120, 60×90, 80×80,60×60, 30×120.

La ceramica oltre gli schemi comuni.

Ceramics out of ordinary.